We are looking for committee members for the Local Section ‘Standing Committees’. They are: Nominating, Membership, Scholarship, Education, and Publicity.

Committee members will serve 1-Year terms, and the committee members can devise their own rules of procedure – subject to approval of the Board. The committee purposes are defined as follows:

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is responsible for the selection of candidates to serve as officers and directors of the Section. Duties of the Nominating Committee are sketched out in the section dealing with elections. (Article IX)

Membership Committee

The membership Committee is responsible for the promotion of the Rattlesnake Mountain Section-AACE and the augmentation of the membership size of the Section.

Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee shall make announcements of the availability of Scholarships from the Section to colleges, receive applications, screen candidates, and select recipients.

Education Committee

The function of the Education Committee is to arrange for and conduct technical seminars, provide technical training and tours in keeping with the goals of AACE. The Committee will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that seminars and lectures receive Continuing Education Units (CEU) and that seminars are conducted jointly (when applicable) with local colleges and universities.

Publicity Committee

The Publicity Committee will produce the section newsletter, maintain contact with local media, submit section news to AACE, and promote public awareness of Section activities.

Special Committees

Special committees may be appointed by the Board as required, and shall serve terms as required to accomplish their purpose, but in no event shall the term be longer than one year.

PLEASE NOTE: By serving on a Committee, you can earn 1.4 credits per year toward recertification. So if you are looking for recertification points, this would be one way to get them – and support your local section. Check out the Calendar for the next RSM Board of Directors meeting. If you are interested in serving on a committee, please contact a Board member with your name and which committee(s) that you would be interested serving on. In addition, all RSM Section members are invited and encouraged to attend any of the Section Board of Directors (BOD) meetings to provide your input or support.

Thank you for your continued support to the Section, and we encourage your support of these committees and technical programs.